Sarah Cervinka

Sarah Cervinka“Rhonda”

Sarah is thrilled to be returning to the theatre for EXCUSE YOU!  Sarah has played everything from a singing turtle judge (Seussical the Musical) to an aspiring nun at a personal crossroads (Damnee Manon, Sacree Sandra).  Her favourite role is that of teacher which she plays daily with the Toronto District School Board.  When not leading freeze dance and correcting children’s spelling, Sarah can be found singing and playing guiro with Tropicanada Orchestra, or goofing off on the piano after a long bike ride.  Behind the scenes, Sarah has leant her steady hand to such productions as ‘Hey!  Cousin Duncan’s getting Married!’ and ‘Aunt Mary Doesn’t Look a Day over 70: A Surprise Party’
She would like to wish everyone a joyful Fringe!